Super Mario Run – good game, good papercraft



Rejoice my fellow Mario lovers out there.   Our here, the mustachioed plumber is back. And the great thing is, we can play with him where ever we’d want to go. The Super Mario Run.

Since that Flappy Bird fiasco, I have been waiting for this to be released and now it’s here.

Just a little background about Super Mario Run:

Super Mario Run (Japanese: スーパーマリオラン Hepburn: Sūpā Mario Ran?) is a side-scrolling, auto-running video game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It was released for iOS in December 2016 and for Android in March 2017. The game represents one of Nintendo’s first games developed for mobile devices, and one of the few instances that a game in the Mario series was playable on non-Nintendo hardware.

Super Mario Run features three principal game modes: the core game where the player controls Mario or other characters as they automatically run across the screen while timing jumps to collect coins and other awards, a Toad Rally where players compete against ghosts of other players, and a Mushroom Kingdom area for players to expand using coins and other collectibles from the other game modes. The game was produced by series creator Shigeru Miyamoto, and was developed primarily by the same team that had developed New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS, featuring many similar gameplay concepts adapted for ease of mobile controllers. Unlike many other mobile games that use a free-to-play approach, Super Mario Run is offered as a free demo with a fixed price point to unlock the rest of game’s remaining content.

Super Mario Run received generally positive reviews by critics, with common criticism going towards its comparatively high price in the mobile market, as well as its required connectivity to the internet. Despite that, it became the fastest-growing app in iOS history, having been downloaded more than 50 million times during its first week of release.


And what’s more interesting to me is that… I can actually build myself a Super Mario paper model.  It seems that the template is easy enough for me so I guess I could build this.

From the link : papercraft Super Mario free download , there are 2 download choices. I don’t know what that PDO means.  They are mentioning about Pepakura Designer software.  This is pretty alien to me. So I guess I shall be going for the PDF papercraft template download.  Being a PDF, it already sounds more familiar and less complicated for me.

First thing’s first, I need to buy a few stationary supplies first. I will be using white colored craft papers, the good old Elmer’s Glue and a simple handy multi-cutter tool.

I suppose, after I am done with may papercraft super mario paper model, it should look something like this:

super mario run papercraft template free download paper model pdf pdo file download online

Pictures as it is in

Picture above is courtesy of that blog where I downloaded the free paper craft template.  I just hope the outcome of what I am about to do will look as good as that.


Instagram Videos – How to Download ?

Download Instagram Videos

It’s been a while since my last post. 🙂 Today, I’m gonna share something I’ve found over the net. It’s something to do with downloading videos from Instagram.

Here’s the thing > How to Download Instagram Videos.

I’ve just gotten my pdf tutorial from them. It is indeed free. But there’s a survey to get through before downloading it. It was easy.

And here’s my review on the tutorial:

How to Download Instagram Videos (pdf) – The tutorial is about 12 pages in PDF format. It contains easy to follow procedures backed by screenshots. And after going through it once, I managed to download my first Instagram Video that I wanted. Do note that this tutorial uses no other software or apps. You do not need to install anything basically. You do the downloading manually and you can easily do it in about 2 minutes tops!

In downloading videos from Instagram using their tutorial:

  • You don’t need to install any software
  • You don’t need to install any app
  • You don’t need to go to any website saying you can download videos from instagram via their system
  • You don’t need any programming skills
  • You don’t need to talk to somebody whose English language you really don’t understand
  • You don’t need to go to a P2P sharing website to download the video
  • You don’t need to go to a piracy site just to download that instagram video
  • All you need is a computer and the Instagram page where the video is found

Not that i’ve been stalking a lot of people in Instagram, but I’ve bookmarked a few of them and downloaded about 12 instagram videos so far using the method though by this tutorial. All 12 videos by the way are exercise videos to tone my body and my butt.

Downloading this way is so easy. And on the otherside, people thought of me to be a little geeky now! Hehehe! Not bad huh?

Now, now… why dont you grab yourself a copy of the simple tutorial on how to download instagram videos?

How to Download Instagram Videos

FROSTFIRE by Amanda Hocking – free PDF ebook version

Free PDF ebook download

Hello hello!  Me again.

Today, I’d like to share my yet another great find!  It’s one of Amanda Hocking’s just released book : FROSTFIRE!    For the record, i got all of her books under the Watersong Series – all five of them!  😀  Forgotten Lyrics, Wake, Lullaby, Tidal and Elegy.  It took me long to get a copy of the last book Elegy ‘coz I’ve used up my savings on something else.  But i got it anyway.

FROSTFIRE by Amanda Hocking | pdf download

FROSTFIRE – this is Amanda Hocking’s under the Kanin Chronicles series and has just been released last month, January 2015.

Here’s the synopsis of this book:

FROSTFIRE (The Kanin Chronicles) by Amanda Hocking

Hidden deep in the heart of a snow-covered wilderness lies the secret kingdom of the Kanin—a magical realm as beautiful as it is treacherous..

Bryn Aven has never fit into Kanin society. Her blond hair and blue eyes set her apart as an outsider—a half-blood unable to hold a respectable rank. But she’s determined to prove herself as a loyal protector of the kingdom she loves. Her dream is to become a member of the King’s elite guard, and she’s not going to let anything stand in her way…not even her growing feelings for her boss, Ridley Dresden. A relationship between them is strictly forbidden, but Bryn can’t fight her attraction to him. And she’s beginning to think he feels it too.

Meanwhile, there’s an attack on the kingdom—one that will test Bryn’s strength like never before. Finally, she has the chance to confront Konstantin Black, the traitor who tried to kill her father years ago. It’s up to Bryn to put a stop to him before he strikes again. But is she willing to risk everything to protect a kingdom that doesn’t accept her for who she really is? And when her mission brings her closer to Ridley, will she be able to deny her heart?

I did not buy a copy yet.  But Im really itching to have one.  I most often stop myself to get a copy on the first release because I think the price will still be too high.  I tend to buy it in about 3 to 5 months from the date of its release so that the price could go down a bit.  I also go on a hunt for second hand copies of this from those who bought it first.

This time around is kinda different.  Because this time, I got myself a PDF ebook copy of FROSTFIRE.  I’ve been reading it on my tablet since yesterday.  (Sorry, I got to share this today only).  And one of the best thing about it is, I got it from a FREE download blog !!!  This blog >>  They got a lot of books there that have were just released lately.  I had that blog bookmarked for my future reference.  These blog owners are awesome!

I’ve just save myself $17+ on this!  And not only that, I only need to bring my tablet with me (which I always do) and read it anytime, anywhere!  Cool huh!